You are a woman who dreams of dictating her own success story as an entrepreneur. You’re smart, savvy, and success-driven, but you’ve done it everyone else’s way for long enough. You’re ready to start a business and own your definition of success.

The definition of success is usually a hand-me-down. I believe every woman should define it for herself. I set out to guide women to rewrite their story of success. Founded and run by women, my company has a laser beam focus on women who want to transition from their 9-5 into entrepreneurship. Why? Because I want every woman to have access to what I experience: the freedom and joy of entrepreneurship. Learn about my journey in my bio.

When you work with us, you’ll learn to define your own success metrics. Then we’ll create a one-of-a-kind path to achieve them. Whether you’re about to make the leap to entrepreneurship or own a business that needs a growth injection, we’ve got you. Check out our programs below.

Ready, Set, LAUNCH! An Entrepreneurship Actualizer

This program takes you from dreamer to doer to did it

Are you a passionate woman ready to start your own business and create time and financial freedom through entrepreneurship? If so, maybe this sounds like you:

“I have always excelled in someone else’s business framework. Now I need to build my own framework, and I don’t know how.”

“I am overwhelmed with how/where to start.”

“I’m afraid to fail.”

“Once I’ve created the business, how do I effectively market it?”

This 6-month, one-on-one program consists of:

  • Roadmap that clarifies the idea/business direction, priorities, and strategy
  • 90-minute Ready, Set, Launch! Marketing and Strategy session (via Zoom and recorded for your reference)
  • Bimonthly 60-minute calls (12 total) to success discuss the strategy, implementation, and outcomes and to ensure a success mindset
  • Leadership, marketing, mindset, and capacity-building resources
Rana reads my mind and sees the future! She helped me think outside the box, to be able to see the broad view and perspective of every step I would like to take, make me realize how passionate I am about what I am doing and contributing to changing humanity. I hope one day I can contribute 10% of what you did to me!
M. Mamo
Author, Global Motivational Speak
Working with Rana was a complete joy! Knowing where to start and how to focus my effort was the hardest part. After one meeting with Rana, I was confident in the direction. Rana has made a huge impact on my business and in my life. Her time is priceless, and I would highly recommend her!
H. Hughes
Your creative thinking skills helped me a lot with thinking outside the box, and there are no limits when it comes to creating new services. The most significant advantage is that Rana is a woman and a mom, and she understands how hard it is to be a working / entrepreneur mom. She provides doable tips and realistic advice, and strategies for working moms to manage their business.
S. Abuirsheid
The positivity and energy that comes from you is contagious! You are the strongest person I ever met. Your perseverance empowers and inspires a lot of women.
E. Malouf
No one can provide motivation and perseverance like you by your business acumen. Thank you for helping me grow.
D. Bakur
As a Transformative Business Advisor, Rana definitely has a transformative mind spin for any business!
M. Lins
Thank u so much Rana for your unique and useful service in helping women entrepreneurs!! You are a great coach and I deeply appreciate the time we have spent together to establish and develop my business idea!
G. Yamak
Rana is so knowledgable and passionate about what she does and she dedicates 100% of her time and energy to help you out and she supports women 1000% in their endeavor to grow their business. Rana helped me put together a plan, she researched possible investors, and she even helped me put the pitch video together. Working with Rana helped me gain more knowledge, confidence and clarity of the path.
Realtor & Inventor
Ready, Set, GROW! An Accelerated Marketing Strategy

This program takes your business to the next level.

Are you a business owner seeking a marketing and business expansion roadmap?

Ready, Set, Grow! clients usually find me when they are in need of a growth strategy. They may say things like this:

“I had good momentum before COVID-19, and now my business is stalled.”

“My business is successful, but I’m having a hard time envisioning the next level.”

“I’m in that tricky place where I need more resources to grow but in order to get more resources I first need to grow profits. Help!”

This 30-day, one-on-one program consists of:

  • 4-hour Strategy & Marketing session (via Zoom and recorded for your reference)
  • Strategy deck
  • Two 60-minute follow-up calls to clarify and finalize the business and marketing strategies

Our Mastermind participants believe in the collective genius!
Participants are women who want more, including those seeking to start fresh as business owners, those looking to leave the 9-5, and current business owners.

We fully immerse ourselves by asking probing questions about you and your business or idea. We will work with your input to develop a completely customized strategy for you to build a business and achieve sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive business strategies are proactive and flexible in embracing and adapting to the changes of a continually evolving world and include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Data-driven resources
  • Market tested tools
  • Inspiration and connection/networking
  • Help telling your story
  • Accountability
  • Proven processes